Common Pest Control Mistakes

It is really a pain knowing that aside from your family, there are still other species living in your homes and slowly destroying what’s inside. They are what we call PESTS. They invoke fear and anxiety. They are even a threat to our health, which is our greatest treasure.

Ofcourse no one agrees to let them stay for long that is why we are doing necesarry actions to make them disappear. However, some practices go wrong. Let’s check it below:

Unsafe Practices

These practices are common especially if we are conducting DIY pest control. Why do we say it is unsafe? It is unsafe because we do not know if those pesticides are harmful to pets, plants and even to our family. We need to study and review on what product should we use in initiating pest control.

Dirty House and Yard

There might be instances where we get so busy with work and even taking good care of our family that results to having our place left dirty. We should clean our environment first before having pest control because proceeding to this step without cleaning is just useless. Your efforts are put to waste.

Failing to know more about your existing pests

Applying the inappropriate product to your pest is just useless so make sure you research more of your pests and apply the best product for pest control. In an extreme case failing to realize or know about your pests  could result in damage to your house. This would often be caused by termites. I spoke with Pest Control Castle hill about a Termite removal job they did and they said ” The lady who’s house we were inspecting was destroyed. Half of her walls were chewed off by vicious termites, sadly she didn’t realize ealier.” 

Bad Baiting Practice

For sure you do not want to put your bait in your bedroom if the pests are staying in your comfort room. Make sure you pace your bait in a perfect place where the pests are. Make it sure your bait is close and near to where they are currently residing.

Failure to address the cause

Before you do infestation, make sure you studied the cause. If you have ants in your home, try to check if why do these pests enter? Do you have food left open in the kitchen? Do you have holes in your windows and doors? Try to conduct an initial checking before moving forward to the necessary activity.

No matter how good you do in pest control and how expensive the product you buy, it is still best to keep our surrounding clean to avoid pests in the first place. It is still best to live in your place without any fear of having something that could risk your safety and your health.

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