Damage of Pests To Crops

When we talk about pests, not only families are greatly affected. Our concern is how about our health being compromised with the attack of these species. We only worry about how do we keep our food and other resources and our things being damaged by these insects.However, behind these things,  let us try to think about those people who are dependent on agriculture and crops for their financial needs. Let us consider our farmers who worked hard a lot thinking in just an attack of insects, all of their efforts are useless. Imagine how they spend their every day trying to ensure that they are going to reap a good harvest at the end but all of a sudden, nothing is worth the reap.

We sat down with Warren from pest control Campbelltown and he said “Pests can cut down a number of crops in just a short span of time. They are capable of destroying a season’s worth of planting and careful plowing. “This tragic scenario leads to financial misfortune. This is the reason why Pest Control was expected to exist. Pests can also affect the plants and even the gardens we build. Even shelter of other organisms is affected by the existence of pests. Pests are also responsible for damaging natural resources that lead to poor water quality, soil erosion expansion and the deterioration of land and destroy of plants that give food and shelter to other species. Therefore, their existence should be taken seriously since they can cause so much damage in all aspects of human life.

Pests can also affect the normal and typical setup of people that leads to high complaints about how the government handles these kinds of instances. Some species can rapidly change the function and the whole setup of the ecosystems.

One thing that should be kept in mind is if there is a continuous event happening, it should be stopped before it turns to being an “established pest”. Prevention is better than cure indeed. Most organisms fail to become one because they cannot adapt to the environment and the condition being presented. Not only that, the people did take necessary measures to prevent them from being pests. However, even though this good scenario is happening, there are still species that can create threats to us and can damage a lot, this is the phase where people need to take a rigid look and careful maintenance. Pests are also capable of being so comfortable with their new atmosphere that results in rapid and quick growth in population and high damage of properties.

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Pest Control Hornsby, What’s Our Edge Among the Others?

Competition is really natural especially when it comes to businesses with the same nature. You need to create and implement a strategy that is effective in attracting more clients. Common factors that make a business ahead of the others are (1) fees for their services (2) the treatment customer service staff gives (2) the quality of the service. However, aside from the three, there are a lot of factors that makes us being on top of the others.


  1. Response Time – This refers to the allotted time you spend in catering certain issues of a client. If you have less response time, that means you are attentive enough to wait for customers who will inquire and avail of your service. This is what Pest Control Hornsby can give you. We have standby staffs that will willingly and quickly listen to your problem.
  2. We Only Use Branded and Quality Products – We know how dear your home and your properties are to you so we do not want us to rush in your homes only to damage some of your properties that are why we only use safe and effective chemicals.
  3. Free Revisits – If we already visited your homes and done series of inspection but then there are still insects found, you can have us come over again for FREE and check.
  4. We Do the Inspection BETTER and DIFFERENT from others – We have add-ons to our inspection process that makes us DIFFERENT from the rest. We have added another step that we found useful and beneficial for you and that is for you to FIND OUT!
  5. WE ARE  socially ACTIVE – We have active social media accounts and we highlight our SERVICES to it. We also post and let everybody know our PROMOS and DISCOUNTS if we have one.
  6. GUARANTEE – We guarantee that we deliver first class service and we offer Money Back under such circumstances mentioned in our agreement.
  7. FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE – We have a friendly atmosphere as soon as you place your feet in our office. We greet you nicely and OFFER you the service that is best suitable for your needs. We also have several nice customer associates that will help you until you are done with your problem.

Pest Control Hornsby is perfect for you! Give us a call or a visit and we will gladly accommodate you!

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Steps to Do Pest Control

Are you aiming for an exceptional outcome? Do you want to have a superb work? Do you want to have a guide in making things right? It is very important that in every process, we need to observe a step by step procedure in making things right and of course, to come up with a good and impressive result. In Pest control inspections, we also need to strictly observe a step by step procedure to properly initiate infestation and so that the process would be effective and reliable. Here are some of the steps that should be observed upon initiating the activity:

Identification of the Problem/Inspection

Whether we are studying a research at school or handling an investigation at work, it is needed to first identify the problem because it is how you will know WHY the problem occurs. It is where you will know the potential pest problem and later on come up with an idea on what strategy should you use.

Assess the Pest Problem

The exterminators need to assess if the problem is a termite problem, bedbug problem, or ant problem. Chemicals won’t work in all kinds of pest issues so you first need to identify if what kind of pest issue you’re dealing with.

Execution of Infestation

This is the most important part of the process. It is where the chemicals and the strategy are being applied to get rid of the insects and pests. This is the part where the exterminators apply the best tactics that are suitable to the problem of the client.

Evaluate Results

Evaluating Results is the step to where it summarizes the activity from Step 1 up until the last step. This should be clear to the client so that they will know what was seen in the operation. The exterminators should be able to explain what happened and should be sure that everything they have done from Step 1 is accurate and correct.


This is an optional step unless the client wants to hear recommendations or if the exterminators will personally give his points to avoid the problem from happening again.  This should help the client to observe Dos and Dont’s in avoiding pests in the future.

Exterminators usually follow these steps if they conduct operations in their clients. However, they are masters of it already so there are times where they forget a single step or either adds an additional step but still, the conclusion is positive.

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What Would It Be like Without Pest Control?

There are a lot of people in favor of using pesticides and other forms of chemicals to treat pests. However, there are a lot of people who gave their consent and go signals in approving the use of chemicals in controlling pests. Many have given their points and views on how to solve pest issues whether in the household, commercial businesses and even in the agriculture industry. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who agree to use chemicals for they are thinking about the sustainability and the future of their business. There are either wives who disagree with this idea for they are afraid of their family being exposed to chemicals. What we are stressing here is people do have different views but let us try to weigh and see the bold goal of having pest control nowadays. Let us try to discuss and point specific pros and cons on this matter.

With Pest Control

1. Entire Crops will be washed out – If without pest control, entire crops will be wiped out because pests grow in number rapidly that makes easier for them to destroy what farmers have started.
2. Financial Crisis will arise – This is very true for farmers and for people who are dependent on agriculture in their finances. If there are no finished product means no income at all.
3. Food prices will arise – Due to a shortage of supply in food, a lot of businesses will do a price hike.
4. Crop quality will go down – If pests will attack agriculture, do you think the crops are still of good quality?Definitely not. That is why it is highly recommended to practice pest control to continue good records  of production
5.Rats would be unstoppable – Do you remember learning about the black plague? The Disease in the middle ages that killed the majority of the population in Europe, without rodent control they may spiral out into a huge problem again.

Without Pest Control

1. Increase in Global Health – Of course, if the community won’t be exposed in chemicals, they will have improved health.
2. Decrease in chronic disease – If we cut or stop ourselves from accessing chemicals, we could possibly avoid diseases.
3. Clean water supply – Water is also a contribution for successful pest control process. If this process will stop, people will have an access for clean water supply.

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Rodents Carry Diseases!

Insects & Rodents have a different effect on us. There are pests which do give us just lighter effects but there are some which are extremely dangerous. Let us always be careful if these creatures keep roaming around our homes as we do not know what could they bring. We are able to determine that there are a lot of species that are considered “pests”. In this article, let us focus more on rodents and what they could bring as soon as they step inside our homes.

Pest Control Expert

We spoke to Warren from Blacktown pest control and he said “Mice and Rats are the carriers of malicious diseases that can often be harmful to you and your family. So as soon as you notice you have a problem its best to call a professional”


Rodents are considered mammals bearing incisors in their upper and lower jaws. Some consider them cute and lovely but let us be mindful of these diseases that we could get from them:

  1. Leptospirosis – This is through some of the rat’s urine. Some infected persons show symptoms and some do not. If a person is caught having this sickness, he may be showing fever. Worst is, this could lead to kidney and liver damage if not being treated right away. Death will also follow once the complication increases.
  2. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis – This disease is transmitted using the saliva and the urine of rats. Just by inhaling infectious particles of the urine, humans will greatly be affected. Symptoms include fever, lack of appetite, headaches, nausea etc.
  3. Allergy – This is a common case and humans can be contaminated with allergy in a lot of ways. However, this is also true in rodents. Their hair will cause humans some allergic reactions.
  4. Salmonellosis – This is transmitted through food and other sources that are being contaminated with the rat’s wastes. Common symptoms are diarrhea, fever, vomiting etc. The illness will also last usually for four to seven days.
  5. Tularemia – This is transmitted through rodent bites and handling animals being infected by it. Symptoms are fever, ulceration and could also cause pneumonia.
  6. Hantavirus – Humans can catch this disease through rat’s urine, saliva, contaminated food, and drinks. Symptoms are common just like a cough, cold and high fever.
  7. Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever – This is transmitted through rodent bites. Symptoms will not quickly after right after being bitten. The victim needs to wait for three to eight days for symptoms to appear.
  8. Actually, there a lot of diseases we could get from rodents but these are the common ones. The bottom line is, we should need to get rid of them as they carry germs primarily, they are also bringing illnesses.
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